The Loveland Protestant Reformed Church was organized in 1958 and is part of the denomination of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America. It is “Calvinistic”, holding to all five points of Calvinism (TULIP). It maintains the absolute rule of God over all the universe — including this earth and over the affairs of men and angels. The church holds to the truth that man, after his fall into sin, is incapable of doing any good whatsoever in God’s eyes except God draws him and changes him according to His eternal plan (Eph. 1:4, John 6:37,John 6:44).The church teaches that salvation is wholly the work of the Sovereign God — it is of God’s grace or favor that one is delivered from sin and assured of eternal life through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Loveland church holds two worship services each Sunday. The purpose of these services is not for the entertainment of those attending, but to worship and praise God by way of song (we sing versifications of the Psalms), prayer, and the preached Word. It holds to an infallible and inspired Scripture — and the preaching must be based upon and be an exposition of that Word.

The congregation is very much “family oriented.” In a time when this is receiving renewed emphasis, we have been practicing this through our history — but on Scriptural principles. Because of the teachings of Scripture that God establishes His relationship between Himself and His church (Gen. 17:7),and because He continues this relationship in the line of generations, several important things follow. Parents attend church services as families — parents with all of their children. Parents also support their own Christian School where the children are taught according to Scriptural principles and Biblical morals. Though this requires great financial sacrifice, the results of faithful training are clearly evident.

All this is not to say that this congregation is perfect. It is not. There is, however, the constant prayer that Christ’s great work on the cross may increasingly bear fruit in the lives of the members.

Visitors are always welcomed — an attempt is made to make them feel “at home” in the worship services. Additional printed literature (free) as well as recordings of the Sunday sermons are available. If you are concerned about your personal salvation, be sure to read Knowing the True God.