Our Worship

God is such a great and glorious God that He is worthy of praise all the days of our lives. God commands everyone to honor and worship Him. Worshiping God is the most important duty of man.

God’s great holiness demands that we worship Him as He has commanded in the Bible. We seek to obey and serve God, not to earn His favor or the favor of men, but to show our love and thankfulness for His gift of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the church exists for the glory of God in the world. We must be members of a faithful church in order to worship and serve God together with His people. We are commanded by the Lord Himself to seek unity so that we can preach the gospel and stand for the truth of God. We need the preaching of the Word of God to instruct us in the truth of God and to strengthen our faith. We cannot neglect the preaching without serious spiritual consequences for ourselves and for our families.

God commands that Sunday is the Lord’s Day, set apart from other days. It is a day in which we can be particularly devoted to His service. On this day we and our children gather twice for formal, public worship. We bring our children because we believe they are God’s heritage and we are called by God to instruct them in the history and doctrines of the Bible.

Our worship services are characterized by reverence and respect for God and His Word. The focal point is the lively preaching of God’s Word, which He uses to instruct us in the truth of salvation and to call us to constant repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. In this way God strengthens us, encourages us, and helps us to know Him better.

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