500th Anniversary Reformation Conference

On Oct. 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the chapel door in Wittenberg, Germany.  In those theses Luther took a stand for the truth of the gospel and a stand against departures from the truth in the church of his day.  This year we are commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  Luther and the other Reformers, especially John Calvin, were used by God to reform the church.  Since the time of the Reformation there has been a general trend away from what the Reformation recovered.  Many of the same errors in teaching, unbiblical worship practices, and unholy lifestyles are embraced in the church today.  There is as great a need in 2017 as there was in 1517 for the church to be reformed.

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of this significant event in church history, the Evangelism Committee of Loveland PRC sponsored a two day conference on November 3-4, 2017.  The theme of the conference was: The Reformation: It’s Abiding Value. The conference featured three speeches about how the Reformation restored the church to proper worship and walk of life, still applying to us today.